Day 10 of #LM60 - Healthy choices

I know I didn’t post much this week.  I had a LOT going on…mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, EVERYTHING…it was just so crazy!

Today, I’ve been working for the majority of the day and evening and then I’m working all the way through til the morning (yeah, I know….but I’m working on a deadline here).  Anyways, I was going over my goals for the first quarter of 2012 and just had to recalibrate my life and choices. 

I had to regain focus and make sure that my choices align with my goals.  How in the world can I be a health coach making unhealthy choices? Uhhhhh, can we say hypocrisy? Like, seriously? So I made a really great healthy choice today to workout on one of my breaks during work today and literally had a BLAST doing Zumba.  It was my first time doing the Power Zumba and I literally ROCKED it!!! 

So I’m going back to work for a few moments and then I’m going to bed for an hour then back to work again for 7 hours. Expect more posts! lol!

Signing off on Day 10 of my #LM60 - #IchooseHEALTH

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